The Power of Trust in Your Life

Every human being goes through the same ritual when confronting death. You look at your life and try to make some sense of your precious short duration in the physical world.

If you can identify several relationships of trust and love with the people in your life, you will close your eyes and take your last breath in peace.

If you have squandered the opportunities to create the spirit of trust with people, you will die a lonely and bitter soul. It is for each of us to decide how we experience those final few seconds of our existence.

The pile of clutter we have generated during our years of existence will not matter much at that point. As we pass from the physical to the spiritual world, the quality of our life will boil down to the relationships of trust and love we have nurtured.

We each have a choice to make every day. I advocate we invest in the relationships and be worthy of the trust of others. I suggest that the best way to generate trust is to extend it to others.

In an organization, trust is the lubricant that allows all of the leadership functions to be effective. It is created by having a safe environment where people can express themselves without fear.

With trust, groups will be productive and happy. Without trust, you will find disengaged people who simply do not care about the goals of the organization.

Vow today to invest in the relationships you have and can create with other people. Put a high premium on this commodity called trust. The more you invest in the things that build trust, the richer your life will be.

Never, never, never intentionally destroy trust.

I have decided to dedicate the last 20-30 years of my life helping to educate as many people as possible on the merits of trust in their lives and how to obtain more of it.

I hope you have enjoyed these articles, based on my “Building Trust” Video Program, over the past few months and that my ideas have made a difference for you.

We each decide for ourselves how to live our lives. I hope you realize the impact that more trust will have in the quality of your life. The more of it you have, the more satisfaction you will experience.

This is the last in the series that was derived from a video program entitled “Building Trust,” a 30 part series by Bob Whipple “The Trust Ambassador.” To view three short (3 minutes each) examples at no cost go to

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