13 Out of 100 Ways to Improve Peer Relations

The ROI for improving peer relationships is immense. Yet, in the hubub of everyday organizational life, we often get caught up in petty squabbles that can sap relationships. Here are 13 ways to keep peer relationships healthy.

  1. Use the Golden Rule with peers.
  2. Make peace, not war.
  3. Support the peer’s position.
  4. Go the extra mile.
  5. Foster stronger relationships.
  6. Bond in social settings.
  7. Negotiate with integrity.
  8. Practice fairness.
  9. Aviod blowing in a peer.
  10. Don’t play the e-grenade game.
  11. Never belittle a peer.
  12. Admit your mistakes.
  13. Offer real help.

These are just 13 out of hundreds of opportunities to improve working relationships between peers. Learn the logic behind these and print out a check list for people in your organization. Go to…

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