5 Parallels Between Teamwork and Kindergarten

We have all heard the phrase, “All I need to know I learned in Kindergarten.” Actually, in the working world this is true. Here are 5 rules we learned that can be applied to help working teams perform better if we would only practice them in the adult world:

  1. Share everything
  2. Play fair
  3. Don’t hit people
  4. Say you are sorry when you hurt someone
  5. Take a break for cookies

To read the short white paper explaining these rules in the working world, go to http://www.leadergrow.com/TeamsandKindergarten.pdf

2 Responses to 5 Parallels Between Teamwork and Kindergarten

  1. Cindy says:

    “Rest” – Take a break; get some fresh air; get up & move around. Even a short break will refresh our attitude and energy.

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