Reducing Conflict 30 Spread the Joy

When you spread joy to other people, it comes back to you in multiple ways. It is a law of nature: like gravity. This series of articles has been about how to reduce conflict in your life.

You are in Control of Your Life

Take the opportunity to improve your relationships at work and at home. The quality of your life is not a random variable.  It has to do with what is going on between your ears. Constantly tend to the needs of other people and provide service where you can.  You will find that the joy you bring to others creates a kind of reciprocal joy within yourself.

Manufacture Joy

By following the advice in this series of articles, you will experience lower conflict in your own life, and that is the best way to manufacture joy.  To be helpful, I am including an index of the 30 articles in this series along with links to the short video for each one.  You can scan the titles to review the articles and videos you find most helpful.

My intention is to continue this series of articles, although the attached video series is now complete.  It was originally a series of short videos that I completed six years ago in cooperation with the Avanoo Company.

  1. Why Can’t We Just Get Along
  2. The Wisdom of Many Views
  3. Too Much Team Spirit
  4. Bad Politics
  5. The Power of Flights
  6. Double Sided Labels
  7. The Root of All Conflict
  8. What They Have to Fix
  9. Your Attitude
  10. Retrain Your Brain
  11. Building in Lag Time
  12. Return to Center
  13. Fussy People
  14. Shrinking Bullies
  15. Coaching the Narcissist
  16. Lighting People Up
  17. Get a Word in Edgewise–gb3lDAa0
  18. Reverse Roles
  19. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff
  20. Live and Let Live
  21. Take a Mental Vacation
  22. Care for Other People
  23. Extend More Trust
  24. Don’t Talk Behind Backs
  25. Stop Acting Like Children
  26. Listen More Than Speak
  27. Create Development Plan
  28. Write Your Own Eulogy
  29. Follow the Golden Rule
  30. Spread the Joy

I hope you have enjoyed this content and will refer to it often to keep it fresh in your mind.

Free Video

Here is a 3-minute video that contains more information on how to Spread the Joy.

Bob Whipple, MBA, CPTD, is a consultant, trainer, speaker, and author in the areas of leadership and trust.  He is the author of four books: 1.The Trust Factor: Advanced Leadership for Professionals (2003), 2. Understanding E-Body Language: Building Trust Online (2006), 3. Leading with Trust is Like Sailing Downwind (2009), and 4. Trust in Transition: Navigating Organizational Change (2014). In addition, he has authored over 1000 articles and videos on various topics in leadership and trust. Bob has many years as a senior executive with a Fortune 500 Company and with non-profit organizations.

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