Global Ethics Day 2018

I am writing an extra blog this week in support of the Global Ethics Day for 2018 that is supported by The Carnegie Council.

The day of celebration is Wednesday October17, and they have 74 different groups from around the world running events and getting input on the state of ethics in their geography. #globalethicsday2018

Many of the groups appear to be associated with universities, but there are several non-academic groups involved as well.

Personally, I am interested in this effort because I am the Chair of the Board of the Rochester Area Business Ethics Foundation (RABEF) in Rochester New York.

We are working to be recognized as the Gold Standard for Ethical Cultures. Our mission is to Promote, Support and Celebrate ethical practices, and we award top organizations with a tangible statue that we call the ETHIE each year in October.

Our celebration this year takes place on October 22 at the GEVA Theater in Rochester.

RABEF is also associated with a group called Trust Across America: Trust Around the World. Last April Barbara Brooks Kimmel, CEO of TAA-TAW, announced an initiative to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the group.

The initiative is called “Tap Into Trust.” We invite you to participate in the program at the attached site: You and your group can “Tap Into Trust” by following these principles and behaviors:






We are honest and humble – we put the truth ahead of personal gain.
We hold one another accountable – we each take responsibility without regard to level or role.
We engage our stakeholders to build shared purpose – we avoid short term “wins” that undermine future success.
We do what we say – our everyday actions and talk are consistent.
We seek out and listen to diverse perspectives – every voice can matter.
We reward moral character – we hire and promote in alignment with our purpose and values.
We are open and ready to learn – we can be vulnerable and not have all the answers.
We reject hidden agendas – we are transparent wherever and whenever possible.
We respect each other – we encourage questioning and create a “zero fear” environment where innovation can thrive.
We celebrate our successes – we acknowledge and examine our failures with empathy, and learn from both.
We call out unethical behavior or corrupt practices – we make it safe to be honest with no fear of reprisal.
We define and scorecard our performance against our value and values – we measure both.

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