Honored to be selected again

Thought Leader logo for 2014Each year the Trust Across America: Trust Around the World Organization selects a group of the Top 100 Thought Leaders on Trustworthy Business Practices.

I have been among the selected individuals each year since they began the practice in 2010. I am delighted to have been chosen again for 2014.

If you would like to know more about the work of this fine organization, just click on this link. http://TrustAcrossAmerica.com

To see the list of all 100 of the 2014 thought leaders, click on this link. http://www.trustacrossamerica.com/offerings-thought-leaders-2014.shtml

8 Responses to Honored to be selected again

  1. Congratulations. Well done. I enjoy reading your posts. Always insightful, always worth the read.

  2. foxtalesal says:

    Ah, the tyranny of the alphabetized list! Let’s just say you got a well-deserved perfect score of 100. Congrats!

    • trustambassador says:

      Hi Sally. Good to hear from you. You are right, I just have to get used to being last. It is a lifelong thing. Sometimes it is an advantage, like who washes the dishes.

  3. delefalaiye says:

    Congratulations! Hopefully, you won’t rest on your laurels, or will you?

    • trustambassador says:

      Thanks very much for your support.
      Not likely to rest anytime soon. I have a new book in final editing and another one in the cooker both coming out in 2014. The subject of trust is endlessly fascinating to me.

  4. Bob Vanourek says:

    I have recently (somehow) joined this list of honorees and find the dialogue among the group so helpful. Bob Whipple may be last on the alphabetized list, but he is first and foremost our best spokesperson on trust, a true “trust ambassador.” Congratulations again, Bob.

    • trustambassador says:

      Such a fine and ringing endorsement, Bob. Thank you so much. You make me blush, but more so, I need to get busy attempting to live up to this reputation.

      It really is an honor, as I scan down the list, to be included. So many people are there who I admire and respect – – for sure including you, Bob.

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