Taming Your Worst Critic

Most of us do not have to look far to find our own worst critic. We just need to look in the mirror. Even though it is not good for our physical or spiritual health, we all tend to dwell on what we need to do better.

There is an antidote to the malaise, and it is easier that we think. All we need to do is re-train our minds to avoid dwelling on our deficiencies. Easier said than done? Not really. There are three simple steps you can take that will alter your self perception if you have the will to do them.


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  1. Phil Weber says:

    Hi, Robert: Was it necessary to post a link to a PDF, rather than including the content of the PDF in this post? I was directed to this site from a discussion on LinkedIn, and now you want me to follow another link to get to the content. If you want people to read your ideas, you should make them as easily accessible as possible, not force people to jump through hoops to get to them.

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