2 ways to avoid being Micromanaged

I have a theory on Micromanagement. It is not entirely the fault of the leader who is intrusive into the workings of employees. I believe the employees are as much to blame as the micromanager.

Reason: I used to work for a leader who was known as the king of all micromanagers. He basically tried to run everything by telling people exactly how to accomplish their tasks. He was an excellent leader otherwise, but people always dinged him on being way too intrusive.

I learned about his reputation before ever going to work for him. During my first few weeks I went way overboard in my preparation. I would anticipate any potential question he might have and be prepared with data to support my conclusions. When he would suggest something to try, I usually could say, “it has already been done.” I would communicate to him every day (including weekends) my plans and ask lots of questions about what was wanted. He never had an opportunity to get to me because I always got to him first. After a while, he basically left me alone and did not micromanage me very much for the next 25 years. We got along great, while he continued to micromanage others.

So, my rule of thumb on this one is that credibility and communication allow you to manage things as you see fit. Lack of credibility and communication leads to being micromanaged.

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