Avoid Garbage Plate E-Mails

We have all been there. We open an e-mail and there in block text with no paragraph breaks is a full page of words. Since we are viewing the preview page,  the entire note cannot be seen, but we do know it goes “over the horizon” onto who knows how many more pages.

What baffles me is that the people writing these tomes actually think they are communicating. Rubbish, they are just preparing a garbage plate special of words and expecting the world to eat every morsel. Of course they are wrong.

Learn how to get people to format and size e-mail notes so thay actually have the intended  impact in the real world.


One Response to Avoid Garbage Plate E-Mails

  1. I fully agree that we are daily being inundated with such garbage. E-mails should be crisp and to the point. Another undesirable feature of modern day communication is usage of SMS type language that is very disconcerting.

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