Two Cardinal Rules for Improved Teams

We have all worked in dysfunctional teams at some point and know the agony and frustration associated with them. Most of us have experienced some teams in our lives that were a joy.

There are hundreds of rules for getting teams to work better together. They all work if you can get the teams to really do them. I have two favorite rules that really make a difference in the quality of teamwork. They are:

  1. Never make jokes in a team environment at the expense of one of the members
  2. Develop a Team Charter with specific consequences for Social Loafing.

The attached white paper gives the rationale for these rules and how to accomplish them.

One Response to Two Cardinal Rules for Improved Teams

  1. Nathan Houlden says:

    As you quite rightly state, there are hundreds of applicable rules in this subject area.

    The two that I would advocate most strongly would be:-

    • Identify each member’s strengths and weaknesses to be able to allocate the correct tasks – this will put most people in the place that they are happiest and will ensure that they are able to be motivated through the ability to work effectively and autonomously.

    • Remember that people are not perfect and be prepared to mitigate the outcome of mistakes with; professionalism, decency, democracy in a manner that earns and maintains respect for your leadership.

    A close third (if permissible) would have been to identify the group in relation to their hierarchy of needs and motivate them accordingly in a clear direction towards the target goal in an unambiguous manner.

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