How to Avoid the Stigma of Playing Favorites

We all know the issue of playing favorites is one of the most deadly trust busters in an organization. The conundrum is that every leader really does have favorites and uses these people more than the not-so-favored people for certain tasks. If you are a leader and deny this, check your reality meter – you may be out of gas.

Given this problem, how can a leader go about running the most efficient organization and still beat the debilitating stigma of playing favorites?  The answer lies in doing 4 things:

  1. Have some standards for certain jobs that allow the people with a particular talent to do those functions.
  2. Discuss the issue of favoritism often in public to diffuse the accusation of being “clueless.”
  3. Operate outside your “normal groove” for some small percent of the time.
  4. Have a strong policy of cross training all people in the organizations.

Read full analysis in this white paper

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