End Meeting Miseries

If you have read Patrick Lencioni’s “Death by Meeting” you are already aware that using the meeting format better can actually manufacture time. Here are five tips to improve your meetings.

1. Reduce griping and venting. The leader of the meeting can allow people to vent, but not have it become a debilitating whirlpool.
2. Use the agenda wisely. Know when to follow the script and when to rip it up.
3. Summarize the discussion frequently. This prevents an endless cycle of people in violent agreement.
4. Agree to disagree. Use the rule of three to cut off acromony without hurting people’s feelings.
5. Manage the time efficiently. Make sure people feel the value in the meeting time.

Read the logic behind these rules in my white paper. http://www.leadergrow.com/YourmeetingDon’tletitbeanAlbatross.pdf

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