Trust and Fear

I have always thought that trust and fear were incompatible. Recently I have begun to wonder if trust and fear toward another person can exist at the same time.  One example I can think of is if you really trust your boss to do the best he can to keep you employed, but fear that the situation may be beyond his control.  Another one may be that you trust your doctor to do her best to help you, but fear that you have a life threatening disease. What other examples are there where trust and fear can exist at the same time?  Here is an article I wrote a while ago on how to prevent a loss of trust.

One Response to Trust and Fear

  1. In both of these examples, the fear and the trust are directed at two different ‘entities’. The manager is not the economy, the physician is not the disease. The ability to ‘not fear’ (that is, to productively deal with stress) and the ability to trust are both components of ‘Coherence’ which is measurable only with an appropriate qualitative measurement. The only tool I know of is TGI Role-Based Assessment (see or

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