Anti-Hubris Pixie Dust

We have all run into a narcissist leader somewhere along the way. This “Bull in a china shop”  leader goes around all day creating damage – often with no congnition of it. There are two issues here.

  1. If you are a leader, how can you tell the extent to which your hubris is taking you in a direction at cross purposes to your intent?
  2. If you work in an environment where there is one or more narcissistic leaders, how can you improve conditions for yourself and your co-workers?

These questions are so common that most people deal with some form of the dilemma every single day at work, yet despite years of effort and suffering, no relief is in sight. I believe there is a shaping process that can actually serve as a tranquilizer in the melee, but the application must be done with great skill to be effective.

Learn the technique in this white paper…

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